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Can Auto Detailing Remove Scratches?

Yes! In the world of Auto Detailing their are many different types of services and categories based on a vehicle's interior and exterior.

Depending on the type of scratch, a detailer will inform you of your options to remedy the damage.

Let's talk about a "Clear Coat Scratch".

This is a very common type of vehicle Exterior Scratch, and can be caused by simply using the wrong type of washing methods, or even brushing up against your vehicle with your clothing.

A clear coat scratch is a scratch or damage on the clear coat layer of a vehicle's paint finish.

What is Clear Coat?

Clear Coat is the transparent layer that protects the underlying paint and provides the vehicle with a glossy appearance. Clear coat scratches can occur from a multitude of sources, like contact with rough surfaces, keys, branches, or accidental brushes against objects.

Most vehicles have 2-3 layers of Clear Coat to protect the "Base Coat".

In the next topic on " Scratches" within Auto Detailing, we will discuss the solutions to fixing clear coat scratches on any and all vehicles.

Stay tuned to learn more about the methods, products, tools, equipment, time frames, and more.

See you in the next one!

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