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Does Auto Detailing Remove Smoke Smell?

The answer is YES! A professional auto detailing company like ALR Touch will remove smoke smells like cigarettes, burns, cannabis, fires, and other forms of smoke odors from a vehicle, yet they’re are levels, and many different approaches to removing smoke odors. Auto Detailing involves meticulous cleaning of a car's interior, which includes the seats, all carpets, seatbelts, and all other hard surfaces and fabric surfaces and materials. The process may but is not limited to vacuuming, steam cleaning, and using professional grade cleaning products to eliminate the smoke odor.

Although, depending how long the smoke or contaminants has been embedded in the upholstery or other materials, it will usually require additional treatments like Ozone Treatment, and ordafe unique approaches to remove smoke odor from the vehicle.

Check out our content on social Media @ALRTouch to see hands on approaches in removing smoke odor professionally and permanently.

This process takes time, efforts and experience to provide stellar results to the customer.

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